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Old School Villa
Features of our residence

Features Old School Villa

We have built such a house to make the stay of our guests comfortable and happy.

Why to choose us

House area
The total area of the house is 555 sq.m., of which 225 sq.m. - ground floor area (kitchen, SPA complex, hall, reception, 3 bathrooms) and 230 sq.m. - the area of the second floor (5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms)
The total area of the territory is 12 acres. In the yard there is a gatehouse, parking and a fountain. There are also many conifers and flowers growing on the territory.
The house has 5 bedrooms (4 one-room and 1 two-room) with separate bathrooms for each bedroom. It is possible to comfortably accommodate up to 20 guests
Banquet hall
The house has a banquet hall, a professional kitchen, ancillary facilities with a total area of 160 sq.m. A spacious terrace adjoins the restaurant. Banqueting hall designed for a company of up to 40 guests
Удобная локация
The residence is located just 12 km. from the Borispolskaya metro station and 29 km. from the center of Kiev. A good quality asphalt road leads here. The house is located on the facade of the highway in Vishenki with a convenient entrance and parking.
The house is surrounded by a high fence and video surveillance cameras are installed around the perimeter. Guests have their own secure parking inside the house. We will provide privacy
Video about Old School Villa

Video about the house for daily rent for events Old School Villa.