Our guests and events

We opened at the end of January 2022, but before the war we managed to hold some large events. In addition to these events, Old School Villa has participated in the organization of many birthdays and parties. Unfortunately, due to the request of anonymity, we are unable to show you all our events.

Birthday of Alexey Novikov

Alexey Novikov is a Ukrainian strongman. Novikov became the strongest man in the world in 2020 and the strongest man in Europe in 2022. As recent events have shown, Oleksiy has shown a strong civic stand and actively participates and helps Ukraine in the war against Russian invaders. We are very glad that we shared his 26th birthday with Alexey and friends.

Graduation courses of oratory "Zames"

Old School Villa hosted a graduation course in oratory "Zames". An event for 35 people and a buffet table were organized. At first, the guests held the last lecture using a presentation on the projector, then there were public performances of the course participants, the issuance of diplomas and an informal part with a disco (a DJ, additional acoustic equipment, color music, artificial smoke were involved) and then SPA procedures for all participants.

Testing the "Smart Home" system

We were approached by an American company, which, together with Ukrainian programmers, is launching a new product in the field of home security using the Smart Home system on the world market. They were interested in large areas and many rooms. We gladly responded to such a request and tested the robot. It was also promised to keep the details of the robot's work secret. Because of this, unfortunately we can not share photos with you.

Wedding of newlyweds from Kharkov

In connection with the hostilities in Ukraine, Kharkiv became a front-line city. We were happy to help unite the hearts of Oleg and Anya and spend their wedding day at the Old School Villa. We provided a banquet menu and breakfasts (for 2 days). In total, the guests stayed at the Old School Villa for 4 nights.

Blogger Markovini's birthday

We were approached by blogger Marcovini (2 million followers on Tik Tok and 150 K on Instagram at the time of publication) to host his birthday party for 25 guests. Birthday turned out great. Especially, he will be remembered by the guards who came to reassure the fans who were ready to storm our villa. And Markovini was presented with a car on the territory of the Old School Villa.

Wedding of Vadim and Alla

Vadim and Alla held a wedding ceremony at our residence near our terrace and fountain. Then the guests moved to the banquet hall at the table (total number of guests - 18). Until 9 pm, a professional host and DJ worked at the wedding, then there was an unofficial part of the birthday party with an overnight stay. The next day, the guests visited our SPA complex and rested in a less formal setting. In total, guests stayed at the Old School Villa for 3 nights.

The birthday party of "Obriy"

The organization, called "Obriy" celebrated its birthday at the Old School Villa. In total, 60 guests were invited and the rooms were equipped with conditions for various interactions with the guests of the event. We also provided a banquet menu for the event. It was the first major event after the start of a full-scale war

Andrey and Karina's wedding

Andrey and Karina celebrated their wedding day at the Old School Villa for 30 guests on December 24, 2022. We reserved a banquet menu for the wedding. There was the official part of the wedding and then the informal part until 6 am. Guests spent a total of one night at the Old School Villa.

Wedding of Olga and Yuri

Olga and Yuri held a wedding at the Old School Villa for 17 guests on December 24, 2022. We provided an individual banquet menu and organized the decor of the banquet hall and the house. Due to the shelling of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine by Russians, the wedding took place entirely on a generator. Guests spent a total of 3 nights at our residence