Barbecue zone in Kyiv

In the Old School Villa you will find a barbecue area where you can cook barbecue menu and any dishes on the fire (there is a special oven with a cauldron for this) and enjoy the company of your friends

Brazier for barbecue in Kyiv

Our barbecue area is equipped with everything you need to fulfill your culinary wishes on the grill and cauldron. The length of the brazier is 1 meter, which makes it possible to fry up to 18 skewers at the same time, there is also a built-in grill with a lid for grilled vegetables and steaks.

Gazebo for gatherings with a company in Kyiv

A spacious terrace located close to our barbecue area. The terrace is located in woodland and coniferous trees create additional comfort for your pastime. We have created all conditions, which you need to enjoy your meal.