Banquet hall for events in Kyiv

Banquet hall Old School Villa in Kyiv is ideal for a birthday, wedding, corporate party or just a party
The banquet hall is located near Kyiv (5 km from the city limits) in Gnedin

Location with a banquet hall in Kyiv for events

The banquet hall allows you to hold an event for up to 40 people with a banquet seating and up to 60 people with a buffet seating
About the banquet hall at Old School Villa
The banquet hall is made in the classic English style of the Victorian era
  • Capacity
    The banquet hall has an area of 100 sq.m., which allows you to hold a visit with banquet accommodation for up to 40 guests and for buffet accommodation for up to 60 guests. There are also adjacent accommodations (reception area - 30 sq.m., outdoor terrace - 60 sq.m., bar and bathroom).
  • Menu for the event
    Our cooks will help to implement a banquet menu of any complexity for your event. A typical menu that includes 1200 gr. ready meals per person will cost only 1250 UAH. However, each event is discussed individually and the menu is also prepared individually. More information about the menu can be found at the link.
  • Accommodation for overnight guests
    At our location there is an opportunity to stay overnight for up to 20 guests. The first floor is allocated daily for the event (there is a banquet hall, a kitchen, a reception area and a SPA on it), on the second floor there are hotel-type bedrooms (6 bedrooms with individual bathrooms), which can provide sleeping accommodation for 20 guests.
    More details about the rooms for the guests can be found at the link.